Zeltbahn Oak B

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Zeltbahn Oak B

shelter quarter or poncho used by the German military during World War II. The Zeltbahn was a versatile piece of equipment that could be used in various configurations, such as a shelter, rain poncho, or even a stretcher when combined with others.

The standard German Zeltbahn was a square piece of waterproofed canvas or linen material with buttons and buttonholes around the edges, allowing it to be connected to other Zeltbahnen to form larger shelters. When combined with other Zeltbahnen, it could create a tent-like structure known as a "zeltbahnzelt" or "zeltbahn shelter." These configurations could vary depending on the number of Zeltbahnen and how they were connected.

Dimensions: 99" wide x 74" long


(No reviews yet) Write a Review