War Merit with Swords - Screw Back

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War Merit - no Swords

Screw Back

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The "War Merit Cross" (Kriegsverdienstkreuz) was a German military decoration established by Adolf Hitler on October 18, 1939. It was awarded to civilians and military personnel for meritorious service in times of war. There were two main classes of the War Merit Cross: one with swords and one without swords.

The "War Merit Cross without Swords" was typically awarded to civilians and military personnel for non-combat achievements, such as contributions to the war economy, production, or other significant non-frontline efforts. It was a way of recognizing individuals who had made valuable contributions to the war effort without being directly involved in combat.

The "War Merit Cross with Swords" was awarded for meritorious service in combat or for outstanding leadership in a combat situation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review