German Wound Badges - BLACK - SILVER - GOLD

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WWII German Wound Badge 

The WWII German Wound Badge (Verwundetenabzeichen) was a military decoration awarded by Nazi Germany during World War II. It was instituted on March 22, 1939, by Adolf Hitler to recognize the sacrifice and injuries suffered by members of the German armed forces.

The badge came in three classes, each denoting the severity of the injury:

  1. Black Wound Badge: Awarded for being wounded once or twice, or for injuries deemed not severe enough to warrant the higher grades. It was made of blackened metal.

  2. Silver Wound Badge: Awarded for being wounded three or four times, or suffering severe injuries. It was made of silver-plated metal.

  3. Gold Wound Badge: Awarded for being wounded five or more times, total disability, or loss of limb(s) as a result of injuries. It was made of gold-plated metal.

The design of the badge varied slightly depending on the manufacturer, but it generally featured an oval-shaped wreath surrounding a helmet with a swastika (in the case of the black badge) or without a swastika (in the case of silver and gold badges).

To receive the badge, a soldier needed to provide evidence of the injury, typically through medical records or reports. The badge was worn on the uniform to honor the individual's sacrifice and to serve as a visible reminder of the price paid in service to the German military.


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    Wound badge

    Posted by John on Aug 1st 2018

    Nice example of the award for reenacting