Cholm 1942 Shield

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Cholm 1942 Shield

The Cholm Shield (German: Cholmschild) was a military decoration of Nazi Germany awarded during World War II. It was instituted on July 1, 1942, and was designed to commemorate the German defenders during the Siege of Cholm (also spelled as "Kholm") in 1942.

The Siege of Cholm took place between January and May 1942. German forces, primarily the 218th Infantry Division, were surrounded by Soviet forces in the town of Cholm (modern-day Cholm, Russia). The Germans managed to hold out against the encirclement, receiving supplies through airdrops. Eventually, they were relieved in May 1942.

The Cholm Shield was awarded to those who had fought in this engagement. It was typically worn on the upper left arm of the uniform.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review